I know, I know... This is not nearly as fun as the Gallery page. But, to make sure we have the same expectations for our time together, I ask that all new friends review below prior to meeting.

Donation: Let's take care of it right away, so that we can get right to the good stuff! Please, don't put me in the position of having to interrupt to ask. If we're meeting behind closed doors... please place your donation on the nearest surface as soon as you arrive, in an unmarked envelope before freshening up.  If we are meeting in public...  At the start of our date, present the donation in an envelope in a gift bag or book (or other innocuous item... feel free to get creative!).  Please.. don't put me in the super awkward position of having to ask in front of the bartender :)

Privacy: This is worth repeating --  privacy and discretion is my biggest priority. I do not share personal details or speak about punters with other providers. I ask for the same level of discretion in return. If we are ever to cross paths in public, I will not acknowledge our friendship. I ask for the same discretion in return. My photos online are blurred for my privacy and safety, and any requests for additional  photos will be denied and likely the end of our contact.  


What will you be wearing? 
It depends where we're meeting! My many "past lives" allow me to blend in nearly anywhere you have in mind. For Our-calls to hotels and private residences, my default is business, smart casual attire.

Do you take special outfit requests?
I want this to be your fantasy date! If I have it in my closet -- yes! If you have something more specific in mind, gift cards are appreciated :).

What should I bring?
Unless you have special requests, you just need to bring yourself.

Is Donation negotiable? 
Absolutely not. Please, don't even ask. 

What forms of Donations do you take? Do you take electronic donations? 
I accept cash and electronic donations.

Are your photos real..? Very!

Recent? My most recent photos were taken August 2020

Do you blur your face because you have a giant face tattoo? No

How can I be sure? Can you send me more?
I do not send additional pictures or send face pictures. Like you, I have a vibrant social and career life in New York. Privacy is an absolute must.

So what are you waiting for? ;-)

Mia Roberts xoxo

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